Dr Damp Damp Proofing Cyprus

The company was launched in Cyprus after the success of the damp proofing system in other countries in Europe. It has been successfully installed in thousands of properties during the last 25 years. Properties in Cyprus suffer from a number of damp issues such as rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation and mould.
Having wet or damp walls can have a harmful effect on your property. If untreated, the property will decay and the problem will become severe. Your health is also at risk, as moisture stimulates mould growth releasing spores into the air. When inhaled these can exacerbate respiratory diseases such as asthma. Most at risk are the older generation and young children.

The patented Dr Damp System creates airflow in the wall allowing it to breathe and naturally dry out. Once dry, the wall will stay dry and no longer have damp problems. Besides our Dr Damp System we also have ventilation systems, cream injection systems, exterior paint coatings and a full damp maintenance service. Our philosophy is to identify the cause of your damp problem and supply a suitable solution with as little disruption as possible. Let Dr Damp remove your damp for good.

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    "I much appreciate your advice and knowledge of the problem. Should we require work to be done in the future, I will most certainly contact you at Dr Damp Kay Young, Condensation Problem

  • Rising damp

    Rising damp is extremely common in homes in Cyprus due to no damp proof course being fitted when built. We can overcome this with our damp proofing bricks. We have installed into over 10,000 homes and successfully removed rising damp from peoples homes. Please read about what rising damp is and how we can help you dry your home for good.
  • Condensation

    The causes of condensation can come in many forms, the majority are from peoples lifestyle and the way they produce moisture in the home. If condensation if a problem within a property it will become worse and mould will begin to form. This then becomes a health issue and can affect your breathing especially you young children or the elderly.